Mindful Re-Awakening by Deborah Boldt

The journey to becoming a mindfulness-informed therapist and program leader is a powerful process of opening to who we really are, to the truth of the whole fabric of our life.  At the OMC, we are blessed with professionals who are committed to this path of growing into the fullness of their potential as companions to those who are in pain.  Our training program attracts many health care specialists and we are gifted with their compassion and openness to practice.  Deborah Boldt of Deborah Boldt Counselling Services in Arnprior ON recently completed her training with us and continues with us as a colleague on the path.

In her recent post Mindful Re-Awakening, she describes her experience of coming full circle and into her own.

Thank you, Deborah!  May our journey together be fruitful and joyous.

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