OMC Programs

The Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic was founded in 2003 by Dr. Lynette Monteiro and Dr. Frank Musten, Psychologists.  The OMC has provided several Mindfulness Programs designed to help people diagnosed with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and various stress-related illnesses.  Along with the 8-week program offered six times each year, the OMC offers practice opportunities for its graduates in monthly meetings and, three times a year, all-day sessions.  It is also a clinical training site for students registered in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Ottawa.

Our Mindfulness-based Symptom Management Programs belong to a class of Second-Generation Mindfulness Interventions that focus on the development of mindfulness practices in the context of clarifying values that promote health and well-being. Drs. Monteiro & Musten are published authors of books on mindfulness, ethics in and of mindfulness programs, and concept and research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

The Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic offers several 8-week programs, seminars, presentations, and retreats.

The programs provide Continuing Education Credits for

The Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic maintains responsibility for the program.

The programs are facilitated by registered healthcare professionals and under the direct supervision of Certified Psychologists.

We are proud to be a teaching clinic for masters and doctoral candidates in psychology, social work, and counselling psychology.

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