Specialized Programs

Specialized Programs Using the M4-Core Curriculum

Burnout Resiliency (M4-BR) focuses on building capacity to manage the stress of high-demand jobs. Participants practice adapting to work-related situations so that the outcome is healthy for themselves and their work environment. Please contact Dr. Frank Musten via the Contact Page.

Operational Stress Injury (M4-OSI) is designed for First Responders (police, paramedics, firefighters) and active and veteran military members diagnosed with PTSD. Referrals FOR INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT can be made through the members’ occupational health services. Dr. Musten and Dr. Monteiro are Blue Cross Service Providers and registered with the National Defence Medical Centre and RCMP.

Pain & Chronic Illness Management(M4-PCI) teaches mindfulness to cope with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, pain related to physical injury. Please contact Sarah Good at https://sarahgoodot.ca/p/pain-management.