Dr. Frank Musten, C.Psych.

DSC_2436_facebookFrank Musten, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice, Clinical Professor (University of Ottawa) and co-founder of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. He was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and completed his BA at Wake Forest University and his MA at North Carolina State University. Moving to Toronto to attend York University, he completed his Ph.D. in 1969.  When he attended North Carolina State University, the civil rights movement was ending formal apartheid in the South and many of his professors in the psychology department were deeply moved by the events.  Some felt compelled to add their voices to those opposing apartheid and Frank was among the students who also added their voices.  That experience introduced him to mindfulness because it was apparent in the quiet steady presence he saw among the civil rights workers he walked alongside.

After completing his degree at York he began his career as a civilian with the Canadian Forces conducting personnel research of the assessment process used to select pilots into the Canadian Forces. His research career continued with the Canadian Police College—a Royal Canadian Mounted Police training facility offering courses to members of Canadian and International Police Forces.  There, he developed and managed a major study of police management practices across Canada.

Frank began full-time private practice in 1980 focusing on work-related stress, work-place harassment, and the psychological consequences of wrongful dismissal.  He has written about these issues in Organizational Psychology books and articles for various magazines including Canadian Business Ottawa Magazine and Ottawa Business Life. Along with these research positions, and while in private practice, he taught Organizational Behaviour at York University, the University of Ottawa, and Concordia University.

Not surprisingly he has developed and offers a Mindfulness Program for engaged high performers who are experiencing burnout in the workplace.  This program is one of the focused Mindfulness Programs that he and Dr. Lynette Monteiro have developed at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic.  Mindfulness Starts Here is his first book and has published peer-reviewed articles as well as co-edited A Practitioner’s Guide to Ethics and Mindfulness Based Programs (Springer). He is currently working on a second book.

Frank is Director of Programming at the OMC, has facilitated several MBSM programs on burnout resilience and managing operational stress injury since 2003. He is a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.