M4 Certified Teachers

stonesM4 Certified Teachers


The following are fully certified to provide the Mindfulness-based Symptom Management program within the scope of their professional, independent practices.


Brittany Glynn, MA, Ph.D.,  University of Ottawa,  is trained in Mindfulness based symptom management and Mindful Self-Compassion. Brittany came to mindfulness for both personal and professional reasons. Through her personal and professional practices, Brittany recognizes the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions in assisting participants re-establish equanimity and well-being via work with the body, emotions, sensations, thinking, and the breath.  Her doctoral research interests include better understanding the role of self-compassion and loving-kindness, particularly through lifestyle habits related to mindful movement and physical activity. Brittany appreciates the opportunity to continue her own learning and practice through her experiences at the OMC, while also greatly appreciating the participants’ resiliency and courage to continually “show up” and practice each and every day. Brittany offers workshops and seminars on mindfulness and self-compassion through her independent practice.

Sarah Good, OT Reg (Ont), is a registered occupational therapist and is trained in Mindfulness based symptom management.  Sarah has a community-based practice in which she provides occupational therapy to adults and children in their homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods.  She incorporates mindfulness-based interventions into her practice, particularly with individuals with chronic pain, high stress or mental health challenges.  Sarah began using mindfulness meditation in her personal life in order to maintain equanimity.  As she began to read increasing evidence on the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions, she began to seek professional training in the area.  Sarah now shares her knowledge with her clients and with participants in the Mindfulness for Pain and Chronic Illness Management at the OMC.  Sarah can be reached through her website here.

Siobhan Nearey, MEd (Counselling), CCC, initially started studying mindfulness as an academic pursuit. Once she started actually training in mindfulness techniques, she found the process significantly more rewarding (and more of a challenge). She has found mindfulness training to be very valuable in both her personal life and in her work with clients. Siobhan is interested in the role that mindfulness can play in burnout prevention and recovery. She is also interested in finding ways that technology can help us to stay more mindful instead of more distracted. Siobhan has pursued training a variety of mindfulness modalities such as MiCBT and MSC. She is in private practice and can be reached at Viewpoint Psychotherapy.

Marie-Andrée Papineau, MA, is trained in Mindfulness based symptom management and has attended trainings in Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Therapy, Mindful Self-Compassion, and the .b Mindfulness in Schools program. Marie-Andrée discovered the practice of mindfulness as a path to further well being in 2006. Equipped with an experiential knowledge of its profound benefits, she went on to complete her M.A. in Counselling and Spirituality. As a long-time professional in health care management with the federal government, Marie-Andrée brings a unique perspective to workplace stress and the benefits of mindfulness. With the intent of furthering her ability to utilize mindfulness in a professional context, as well as deepen her personal practice, she has expanded her bilingual teaching by offering workshops to various organizations in the Ottawa Region. She is awed by the infinite discoveries and possibilities that arise through mindful practice and she appreciates the increasing awareness it permits. Marie-Andrée is in private practice at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic and can be reached via the contact form on this website.

Sheila Robertson, MSW, RSW is a registered social worker, semi-retired, and in independent practice; she is following her interests in the teaching and application of mindfulness practice.  Besides delivering programs at the OMC, she leads weekly mindfulness practice sessions as the experiential component of two University of Ottawa undergraduate courses.  She has been co-leading a weekly drop-in guided meditation for staff in the Ottawa Hospital, and another for University of Ottawa medical students.  She has also co-led a number of introductory workshops in mindfulness practices for hospital staff or patients.  Sheila completed  her BA(Hon) in Philosophy, Masters degrees in both Public and Business Administration, and Masters in Social Work degree. She trained in various counselling approaches, including a Clinical certificate in Gestalt Therapy, and took the OMC’s mindfulness teacher training program in 2010. She has found her home in mindfulness practice and has been pursuing it since, both personally and professionally.  She qualified to teach the OMC’s M4 programs in 2015.

Lakshmi Sundaram, MA, Ph.D. Candidate St. Paul University – Lakshmi has trained in and teaches mindfulness in her counselling private practice and university.