M4 Qualified Teachers


M4 Qualified

 These practitioners have completed a period of supervised teaching and are considered qualified to teach the M4 program in their independent professional practices.


Dorothy Baker, B.Ed, M.Ed., first came to mindfulness as a path to well-being in 2006 and became interested in the concepts of mindful leadership development and developing self-awareness and resiliency in children and youth.  She completed the M4 Teacher Training at OMC in 2015 and continues to deepen her learning and practice both personally and professionally. In her role in the education sector, Dorothy incorporates mindfulness concepts into current leadership programs and a mentor coaching model currently being developed across all employee groups. Her goal is to complete the Mindful Self-Compassion training to better understand the role this plays in integrating lifestyle habits which foster clarity, creativity, equanimity and a deep sense of well-being.

Heather Cross LL.B. is a freelance criminal defence lawyer and writer. She also teaches Hatha Yoga and can be reached at Heather Cross Legal Services.

Tiffany Dugas

Craig Mackie, MA, MSW, RSW, has worked in therapeutic recreation, mental health, and social services for over 10 years. He is a certified Transformative Mindfulness practitioner, 16 Guidelines international facilitator trainer, and has taken multiple trainings in clinical and mindfulness modalities. Currently, he teaches in the Applied Mindfulness Meditation program at the University of Toronto and is the Director of Essential Change. Craig offers mindfulness programs for youth and adults.

Erin McCarthy, PhD, came to mindfulness for both personal reasons and through her interest in Contemplative Education. She is Professor of Philosophy at St. Lawrence University and specializes in Comparative Feminist Philosophy. In addition to her M4 Teacher qualifications with the OMC, she is qualified as a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion. She is particularly interested in how mindfulness modalities can be of benefit to university students and faculty, as well as school-age children.

Guilhème Pérodeau, Ph.D.  is a professor of psychology at the University of Quebec in Outaouais and a registered psychologist with a private practice. She is trained as an Object Relational Gestalt Therapist and has a private practice.  She is a qualified Mindfulness-based Symptom Management MBSM  teacher and has attended training in Mindful Self-Compassion.  She uses mindfulness in her clinical training of doctoral psychology students. She is co-editing an upcoming book on mindfulness and clinical intervention (in French). She can be reached at guilheme.perodeau (at) uqo.ca.

Julia Sage

Sigrid Schirdewahn, BSc, MBA, came to formal mindfulness training as part of her continued search for increased self-awareness and resilience, following 20+ years in management in both the public and the not-for-profit sectors. Her professional interest rests in supporting her clients become more resilient in the face of ever-increasing demands at work and at home. She hopes that individuals might come to mindfulness before a crisis leads them to seek healing. Sigrid employs a mindful approach in her corporate training, consulting and coaching as well as introducing her clients to mindfulness as a way to increase self-awareness, other-awareness, and opportunities for skillful living at work and in life. Coach Sigrid can be contacted here.

Aarathi Selvan, MA,EdM(USA), MPhil(ClPsy,India) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in India. At the age of 13, she was initiated into yoga and meditation practices. While the practices were a part of her everyday life in some form or the other, she began to feel the real need for mindfulness at the dawn of motherhood. She informally began to practice mindfulness and after three years of practice, she came to learn Mindfulness at OMC in 2015. Since September 2015,  Aarathi has been leading the 8-week Mindfulness program in Hyderabad, India. She incorporates mindfulness in her private practice with clients and also leads introductory programs of Mindfulness in the community. She can be contacted here.

Christina Tector, MEd, has been working in the field of executive leadership development and change management for the last 20 years. Her experience includes work with the not-for-profit sector and the federal public service, working with a variety of clients across Canada and internationally. Christina is currently a senior advisor in organizational effectiveness with the Strategic Change & Coaching Services Group at the Canada School of Public Service. She is a trained Human Systems Dynamics Professional and is a Certified Action Learning Group facilitator. She also holds certification in several psychometric instruments, including the Emotional Intelligence Inventory and 360-Degree Feedback. Christina is deeply committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations connect with their essence and to contribute fully from that place.

Susan Veale, B.Sc. Kin. is a Kinesiologist and owner/practitioner of Wellness Natural Health Centre in Calabogie, ON. Located in the Ottawa Valley, Susan’s life’s work has been teaching people how to care for themselves on all levels of health; in private practice, workshops and weekend retreats. Her journey of over 25 years brings her experiences and training in homeopathy, nutrition, and muscular/skeletal rehabilitation. She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Reflexologist, and Reiki Master. She has co-authored two books and writes many wellness articles for various publications.  In aligning her commitment to teaching people to live a more harmonious life, Mindfulness has emerged as the thread that weaves all of her experiences together. With years of witnessing physical health challenges being intertwined with emotional stress, Susan is hopeful that through mindfulness training, her clients can transform their anxiety into a state of well-being.  To find out more about individual or group sessions, go to Calabogie Mindfulness Meditation.

Lori Williams, OT

Jane Wood, Nutritionist, CD came to mindfulness for personal reasons as a result of a tour of duty she served in Afghanistan.  A Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, she furthered her training in mindfulness in order to assist her brothers and sisters in arms who are also suffering.  She completed her OMC Teacher Training in 2012 and has co-facilitated several classes including the core program, burnout, pain management and M4 for military members.  Educated in the field of dietetics, Jane has since retired from the military and has started her own nutrition and mindfulness practice.  She strongly roots her beliefs in holistic approaches and incorporates mindfulness into her nutritional and lifestyle counselling.  She experienced first hand the profound effects mindfulness has on overall health and well-being and aspires to share her gifts with others who are looking for ways to be present in their lives.  Jane’s practice is physically located in Pembroke, Ontario, however, thanks to the internet she currently has clients all over the globe.  You can contact her here.