MBSM Training & Format


Please note that all participants in the professional training are assessed at each stage for their suitability to continue to the final Teacher Training Retreat or to other levels.


 If the Teacher Training criteria have been successfully completed, the graduates may use the skills learned within the scope of their professional training. For example, as a mental health professional, this may involve using the practices and concepts with individual clients.

This training does not certify skills, constitute approval to teach an 8-week program or to train others in teaching an 8-week program using the materials from the OMC.


To attain the M4-Qualification level, participants may organize their own 8-week program and register for 9-sessions of supervision (one before the 8-week session and one after each class is taught; a weekly online supervision is set up with one of the Certified teachers at the OMC). To begin this level of training, the participant must meet these criteria

  • have a regular meditation practice
  • have attended or be committed to attended silent retreats
  • have skills working with groups
  • have clinical knowledge congruent with the population they are teaching
  • work within their scope of practice (clinical, education, executive coach, etc.)

If completed successfully, this training permits the trainees to describe themselves as an M4-Qualified Teacher and to conduct 8-week programs using the OMC curriculum.


Alternate paths for qualification may be available for individuals with clinical training depending on space in the OMC programs. The trainees will co-facilitate two 8-week sessions with the senior teachers at the OMC with weekly supervision from the senior teacher.

Participation does not guarantee achievement of the qualification level. The participant may be requested to seek further development of skills.

All training in the Q-Levels is appraised using relevant criteria based on The Bangor, Exeter & Oxford, Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC).