Online introduction to MBSR with Steve Flowers

Thanks to UCSD Center for Mindfulness and Mindful Coaching for the link.

Opening to Life – Book Review of Leaves Falling Gently by Susan Bauer-Wu

Leaves Falling Gently -Living fully with serious & life-limiting illness through mindfulness, compassion, & connectedness by Susan Bauer-Wu is a kind and inviting little book that makes facing our chronic or acute life-threatening illness easier to face.  Bauer-Wu, an associate professor of nursing at Emory University, researches the effects of chronic stress from debilitating illness [...]

An interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn 2006

“What if you are already complete? What if it doesn’t get any better than this? […] What if it were possible to hold the whole of it in awareness and allow it to be just as it already is. That would be an incredibly radical act and it would be an act of profound wisdom [...]

The inner doctor

To practise mindfulness is to engage in our lives with responsibility and with a sense that only we can make the changes necessary.  True, there are external relationships we have with various health care providers that may be significant to our well-being.  We give these relationships a level of authority over the trajectory of recovery.  [...]