M4 Mindfulness for Symptom Management Meditations



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Body Scan

– 30 min guided meditation (lying down)

Awareness of Breath

– 30 min guided meditation following the breath (sitting)

3-Minute Breathing (Goblet Exercise)

A three-minute pause to help meet a stressful situation.

B-E-S-T Meditation (Body-Emotions-Sensations-Thoughts

– 30 min guided meditation of Body, Emotions, Sensations and Thinking

B-E-S-T Meditation (Body-Emotions-Sensations-Thoughts) – Copy #2

  • Copy #2 – 30 min guided meditation of Body, Emotions, Sensations and Thinking

Silence with bells

– 45 min silent meditation with bell that starts and ends meditation

Lovingkindness Meditation

– 30 min guided meditation for lovingkindness

Healing Meditation

– 30 min guided meditation for healing and compassion


  1. In the B.E.S.T. meditation, I really appreciated the contemplation on how the length of the breath conditions sensations thoughts, and emotions. I’ve never heard it presented in that way, but it took me to greater understanding. Thanks!

  2. I ordered the book online through Amazon and just started reading … seems will be a growing personal experience. I also downloaded most of the audios from this site successfully but two failed: 01-best.mp3 and 01-healing-meditation.mp3. Please let me know how I can access them. Best, jose

    1. Dear Jose, Thanks for the alert! I have re-loaded the tracks and they seem to be working. Please let me know if they are still malfunctioning. Thanks also for buying the book! May your practice be full! (And do write us a review on Goodreads or Amazon if you feel moved to do so!) Metta, Lynette

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