2-Day Retreat Talks


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2018 June – Heart of Mindfulness Practice Retreat

Opening Talk-2018-06-16-Lynette Monteiro

Being good enough-Heart_of_Mindfulness-Lynette Monteiro

Heart of Mindfulness-Frank Musten


2017 June – Heart of Mindfulness Practice Retreat

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June 23 Intro to metta – Lynette Monteiro

Virtues & skills cultivated through metta – Frank Musten

Metta as Relationship – Lynette Monteiro

Metta in Challenging Relationships – Frank Musten

2016 June – Heart of Mindfulness Practice Retreat

Reclaiming the Attentional Commons – Frank Musten

Antidotes to Fear and Loathing – Lynette Monteiro

2014 June 13-15 – Heart of Mindfulness Practice Retreat

Opening talk & Respect for Mortality

Generosity & Inner Riches

Setting Limits

Igniting Your Life

Mindful Speech & Consumption

Which is Real Life?


2014 April 05

Interview with Ted Meissner, the host of the podcast Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science.

Episode 19 :: Dr. Lynette Monteiro and Dr. Frank Musten :: Mindfulness Starts Here: An Eight-Week Guide to Skillful Living