Is Mindfulness the same as Buddhism?

There's been a lot of chatter on the internet these days about Mindfulness and Buddhism. In a nutshell, practitioners, writers, and philosophers of Buddhism have expressed concern about the potential misuse of Buddhist beliefs and concepts by mindfulness-based interventions or programs. There is much merit to these concerns although the discussions tend to become bogged [...]

Taking an MBSR/MBCT course?

This was posted earlier and it may be useful to review if you're thinking of taking an MBSR or MBCT course. Five Things you want to practice to get the most out of the course.  And, of course, to get the most out of this one, wild, and precious life!

Magic and the Theory of Everything

When we first begin to practice being mindful, it can be confusing about the intent of the practice.  Participants in our courses often ask if not being "dragged away by our feelings" means we are not supposed to feel anything.  They wonder if being mindful means giving up all the things that bring them joy.  [...]

Resilience: Recovery & Sustainability

Resilience is defined as the successful adaptation to adversity.  It is also considered the outcome of a successful adaptation to adversity.  Bouncing back that leads to healthier end states and the ability to continue forward through adversity marks a healthy individual.  Our biological, genetic, psychological, and social environment puts us at risk for various illnesses or [...]

5 things to practice during a mindfulness course

Here are five things you may want to practice as you go through a Mindfulness-Based intervention (MBSR, MBCT, MB-anything): 1 - Practice!  Try your best to do the "homework".  We play around with the word, calling it "homework" may lead to feelings of being back in school.  So we call it "home practice", "gifts", "suggestions", [...]