MBSM Trained, Qualified and Certified Facilitators


MBSM Qualified & Certified Facilitators

Trained Facilitators have completed the fundamental programs of MBSM and may use the mindfulness approach in their professional training as therapists, coaches, meditation facilitators, etc.

Qualified Facilitators have completed supervised/mentored teaching and are considered qualified to offer the 8-week version of the MBSM program in their professional practices.

Certified Facilitators have completed additional intensive training in the OMC and are considered qualified to offer 5-day and 8-week versions MBSM programs. Some certified facilitators may also mentor facilitators-in-training.

Our team of MBSM Certified facilitators provides the 8-week MBSM program in person or online. They also provide psychotherapy and/or yoga in their private practices. Please see our Current Programs page for information on MBSM programs available.

Tesia Bryski, M.Ed., RP(q), is a Registered Psychotherapist and an active practitioner, student, and teacher of mindfulness and meditation. In 2018, she completed her Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa, with a specialization in Mindfulness-Based Interventions in psychotherapy. Tesia is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and teaches at various yoga studios across the city of Ottawa. More information here.

Heather Cross LL.B. is a freelance criminal defence lawyer and writer. She offers Hatha Yoga at Here and Now studio.

Margaret Dupee, Ph.D., is a Psychophysiologist. She teaches courses and offers individual consultations in the area of Mindfulness for Stress Management & Optimal Performance. The training incorporates neuro/biofeedback techniques to help cultivate present-moment awareness and self-regulation skills. More information here.

Sarah Good, OT Reg (Ont), is a registered Occupational Therapist. Sarah has a community-based practice in which she provides occupational therapy to adults and children in their homes, workplaces, and neighbourhoods.  She is the lead facilitator of Mindfulness for Pain and Chronic Illness Management at the OMC.  She can be reached here.

Siobhan Nearey, RP, is a Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa. More information here.

Marie-Andrée Papineau, RP, is a Registered Psychotherapist with a private practice in the province of Quebec. More information here.

Corien Peeters, P.D., C.Psych. provides psychological services to adults and adolescents in her private practice. She is a registered Clinical Psychologist. She is a Trained facilitator in Mindful Self Compassion. She can be contacted here.

Sheila Robertson, MSW, RSW has offered workshops, mini-programs on mindfulness, and drop-in meditations in various settings, including workplace, educational and community groups.

Aarathi Selvan, MA, EdM (USA), MPhil(ClPsy, India) has been teaching & training professionals to deliver MBSM in Hyderabad, India, since 2015. She incorporates mindfulness in her private practice with clients and also leads introductory programs of mindfulness in the community. More information here.


Trained, Qualified, and Certified Facilitators in the Ottawa Community



Dorothy Baker, B.Ed., M.Ed DorothyBaker  is a Trained MBSM facilitator who incorporates mindfulness concepts into current leadership programs and a mentor coaching model in the education sector.
Deborah Boldt, MSW, RSW Deborah Boldt is a Qualified MBSM facilitator whose personal Mindfulness practice continues to inform her life and deepen her Structural Social Work practice.  Within an anti-oppressive framework, Deborah offers mindfulness, compassion and somatic based approaches in her psychotherapy practice for Women, LGBTQIA2S and the BIPOC community.  Her areas of focus are: Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, and Life Span Transitions. For More info: www.deborahboldt.ca
Andrew Burr, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Dr. Burr is a psychologist in private practice at the Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic and a Certified MBSM  facilitator, He provides psychological services to adults in the area of trauma, anxiety, and depression. He also provides EMDR therapy, as well as CBT and mindfulness-based approaches.  More information here.
Jennifer Capiral, M.Ed, RP Jennifer Capiral is a Trained MBSM facilitator who works for the federal government where she facilitates guided meditation and teaches a mindfulness in the workplace program.
Tiffany Dugas
Brittany Glynn, MA, Ph.D Dr. Glynn is a Certified MBSM facilitator. She offers workshops and seminars on mindfulness and self-compassion through her independent practice.
Craig Mackie, M.A., MSW, RSW Craig Mackie is a Trained MBSM facilitator, a certified Transformative Mindfulness practitioner, 16 Guidelines international facilitator trainer, and has taken multiple trainings in clinical and mindfulness modalities. Craig offers mindfulness programs for youth and adults.
Erin McCarthy, Ph.D. Dr. McCarthy is a Trained MBSM facilitator and Professor of Philosophy at St. Lawrence University specializing in Comparative Feminist Philosophy.
Emily Millar, RP Emily Millar is a Trained MBSM facilitator, Behavioural Therapist, and Registered Psychotherapist. She incorporates mindfulness-based interventions into her community-based practice, particularly with individuals with chronic pain, acquired brain injury, and mental health conditions.
Guilhème Pérodeau, Ph.D. Dr. Pérodeau is a Trained MBSM facilitator, Professor of psychology at the University of Quebec in Outaouais and a registered psychologist with a private practice. She uses mindfulness in her clinical training of doctoral psychology students.
Julia Sage
Christina Tector, MEd Christina Tector is a Trained MBSM facilitator and has been working in the field of executive leadership development and change management for the last 20 years. She is currently a senior advisor in organizational effectiveness with the Strategic Change & Coaching Services Group at the Canada School of Public Service.
Susan Veale, B.Sc. Kin. Susan Veale is a Trained MBSM facilitator, Kinesiologist and owner/practitioner of Wellness Natural Health Centre in Calabogie, ON. She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Reflexologist, and Reiki Master. She has co-authored two books and writes many wellness articles for various publications.  More information at Calabogie Mindfulness Meditation.
Lori Williams, OT
Jane Wood, Nutritionist, CD Jane Wood is a Trained MBSM facilitator retired from the military started her own nutrition and mindfulness practice. She strongly roots her beliefs in holistic approaches and incorporates mindfulness into her nutritional and lifestyle counselling. Jane’s practice is physically located in Pembroke, Ontario, however, thanks to the internet she currently has clients all over the globe.   More information here.
Shannon Woolner, M.Ed.


Shannon Woolner is a Trained MBSM facilitator who works as a counsellor and case manager at Newgate 180 Addiction Solutions. She incorporates mindfulness teachings and practices into her work with clients who are dealing with addiction and related issues.