The critical role of ethics as process in an MB program – a gentle critique of Grabovac, Lau and Willet’s article

A recent article, Mechanisms of Mindfulness: a Buddhist Psychological Model by Grabovac, Lau and Willett in Mindfulness attempted to re-insert Buddhist Psychology into the foundations of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Grabovac and her colleagues did a good job of putting the Three Dharma Seals (impermanence, suffering and nonself) into the service of explaining the mechanisms involved in mindfulness-based interventions. [...]

Two articles that are a must-read

Here are two articles that are worthy of the read.  Maia Duerr's guide on how to meditate and a publication by Mark Lau and Andrea Grabovac on a Buddhist psychological model are two works that integrate ancient teachings with current frameworks of practice and theory. Liberated Life Guide on How to Meditate Maia Duerr of Liberated Life [...]

Five Skillful Habits – the heart of the OMC program

We're thrilled to share our first publication in a journal: Five Skillful Habits: An ethics-based mindfulness intervention has been published in Counseling and Spirituality, 2010. This is a culmination of 7 years of courses at the OMC.  We've always been conerned about the ways in which the idea of mindfulness can be misunderstood in a teaching [...]