Mindful reminders

It takes a strong will to stop in the middle of a rushed day and breathe.  Try stopping in the middle of typing a sentence of a report that needs to get off your desk so that the next one in the queue can open… and the  next… and the next…  Stopping in those moments can trigger anxiety and worry so much that we just plow on through.

We’ve been working with a few mindful bells that you can download onto your computer.  There’s one that was developed by the Washington DC Mindfulness Practice Center which you can download from our website or go to http://www.mindfulnessdc.org/bell/index.html

Here are two others used by some of us (no, we don’t get kick-back… just laid-back!):

ProdMe:  http://cruftforce7.com/index.html “Like the chimes of a grandfather clock, ProdMe is intended to help the user stay aware of the passage of time by playing a sound at regular intervals. Unlike traditional clock chimes, any time interval can be set, using any of the available alert sounds. Great for anyone who finds that time tends to slip away faster than expected.”

Stillness Buddy: https://www.stillnessbuddy.com/ a personal favourite.  However, fair warning, it does lock the screen so you HAVE to take that break.  There is an over-ride for those of us who have control issues!


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