Teacher Training Graduates 2010

On November 28, 2010, eleven participants of the Professional Training Program in Mindfulness-Based Interventions completed their practicuum and training retreat.  This is an intense program requiring them to attend the 8-week course, write reflections on books and articles, design their own program or attend to the unique needs of their own mental health population, and then participate in a profoundly personal retreat that digs deep to unroot old habits of serving without real engagement.  We confront our fatigue and burnout, bear witness to our desire to serve willingly and rekindle our hope for a better health care future for all.

 It was our privilege to foster this group of professionals (chaplains, social workers, advocates, physicians, nurses, counsellors) along their path to delivering health care in a more deeply compassionate way.  Each time we give a retreat like this, we are honored to see not only a group of professionals transcend barriers of job function and titles but to experience a renewed love for our work.

Watch out, World!  The face of health care is changing – one enlightened body at a time!

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