New courses at the OMC

We are thrilled to announce three new courses scheduled on the OMC roster.

Managing Chronic Illness

Discovering our lives may be limited because of a chronic illness can be difficult to accept.  Emotionally and psychologically, this is a challenge in a world that values productivity and performance.  Often, we spend time trying to push past the symptoms and only make things worse for ourselves.  Sometimes, the symptoms don’t make sense because we think we’re taking good care of ourselves and yet it seems not to make any difference.  You may be trying to manage the symptoms and pushing yourself to the edge which can drain your already limited resources.  Self-care is not a bad word.  Self-care is an important skill to develop if we are to meet our symptoms in a way that does not make the experience escalate.  Understanding limits, how to set them, and why this is a form of generosity can increase our health and well-being.

Our 8-week Mindful Skills for Chronic Illness course (2012 May on Tuesdays; 10-11:30AM) can help you learn how to live well in the life you now have.

Managing Caregiver Stress

It’s not unusual that caregivers put the needs of loved ones who are ill or disabled first.  That means there is not enough self-care being practiced to stay healthy and present for the ongoing demands of being a caregiver. You may be running on empty and feel anxious that it means you don’t care.  Caring for someone means being generous with your time and resources; it is a commitment to being present to their life as it is right now.  But, generosity is only effective and sustainable if you take time to replenish yourself.

Our 6-week Mindful Skills in Caregiving course (2012 November 12 – Dec 17 Mondays; 4-6 PM) can help you learn how to balance the needs of those you care about and your own need to stay healthy and steady in the face of uncertainty.

Mindfulness for Health Care Professionals

This course will be offered in Fall 2012 as a dedicated 8-week training for Health Care Professionals who are interested in developing mindfulness-based intervention skills or consolidating mindfulness skills they learned in a short workshop or course.  The course is composed of the foundations of mindfulness, meditation and experiential practices, inquiry training, and has written requirements for completion.

Please check our Calendar for dates and times or contact the OMC Registrar for more information.


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