Teacher Training Graduates 2012

Give It Away & Simply Love

We are thrilled to introduce our new graduates from the 2012 Teacher Training Program in Foundations of Mindfulness.  These amazing health care professionals, clinical psychology PhD candidates and medical students, and even an ethicist took part in the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management program as participant-observers, wrote papers and reviews of the current literature and research, and completed the intensive weekend retreat with terrific courage and equanimity.  It was particularly challenging as the air conditioning in the clinic broke down with little warning.  The alternate venue we found provided all of us with ample practice as its air conditioning died, the replacement was inadequate, and the final one installed was only functional because of two powerful fans in the room.  The temperature for the three days was brutal as the participants, coaches, and teachers practice extinguishing the desire for things to be different.  We called this the inaugural session of Hot Mindfulness!

Thank you to the coaches for their terrific guidance and we look forward to seeing the participants’ program designs come to fruition over the next few years!

Remember, you may not be the first to deliver mindfulness but you must ensure you are not the last to do so.  Give it away and simply love!

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