Professional Training in Foundations of Mindfulness Interventions and the M4 Programs

IMG_1131Registration for our 2014 Professional Training in Mindfulness for Well Being (M4) is now open.

This training program spans up to one year of training and consists of participation in one of the 8-week M4 courses offered at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic, guided self-study of current research and books on Mindfulness Interventions, a silent retreat, and the Teacher Skills Training Retreat.

The M4 program courses are Mindfulness for (M4)  Stress & Symptom Management, M4-Pain Management, M4-Burnout Resilience, M4-Health Care Professionals, and M4-Military & Veterans Recovery.

Successful completion of the program provides a Level I certificate in Foundations of Mindfulness Interventions & the essentials of the  M4 Program.

Please contact the Program Coordinator at


(copy and remove parentheses to use email address)

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