The Joy & Challenge of Pausing: Mindfulness in the still days of winter

It's the shortest day of the year today, the longest night and the beginning of longer days.  It's such a subtle shift that we barely notice although many of us celebrate it various ways. And yet, it is also a transition that occurs in every moment of our days and nights. Everything, every experience progresses [...]

Are you weaponizing your mindfulness skills?

Allan faithfully attended each class of the Mindfulness-based Stress Management program we offer at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. He shared openly about his anxiety and insecurity as a father to three children and a son caring for ill parents. The heart of his distress though was in his relationship with Debra, his partner of 15 [...]

World Mental Health Day – Why it matters

When I think of mental health, somehow my inner voice switches the last word to" illness." It's used so interchangeably that we shouldn't be surprised about the stigma and aversion that grows around the topic. Health is never really a concern to us until it becomes an illness that needs attention. Yet, physical health devolving [...]

Fostering the Mind of Poverty

Is it unethical to bring awareness to certain life circumstances? by Lynette Monteiro & Frank Musten The Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic Teacher Training Retreat brings out the best in our participants and this session was no different.  One of the questions that arose from our examination of the impact of the various exercises we invite a [...]

Practice – Two Months After

At the end of each 8-week course we remind the participants that diligence in maintaining their practice is very important.  We like to say, "The half-life of the skills you've acquired in this class is about 3 months."  It may be anecdotal but it does seem that way when we meet in our Alumni groups.  [...]