Reflections and Intentions: how to re-view your year

Our colleague, Maia Deurr, whose work can be seen on The Liberated Life Project, has written a terrific blog post on how to reflect on our past year and meet the year to come.  No resolutions that are only going to shatter in the first few days, no promises to keep.  These are lyrical and nourishing activities [...]

Magic and the Theory of Everything

When we first begin to practice being mindful, it can be confusing about the intent of the practice.  Participants in our courses often ask if not being "dragged away by our feelings" means we are not supposed to feel anything.  They wonder if being mindful means giving up all the things that bring them joy.  [...]

Resiliency & Resourcing

Laurie Leitch and Elaine Miller-Karas, founders of the Trauma Resource Institute, make a point of bringing awareness to and practicing enhancement of our inner and outer resources.  These are the qualities in ourselves and the people in our lives who sustain us, getting us through the tough times. Make a list of your inner resources.  [...]

Ides of March

It's the Ides of March!  This date has a dark meaning for us because it refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar.  However, it is just a way of referring to the day itself - the 15th of March.  It's only by association with a negative event in history that the date takes on such [...]

5 things that need your attention in an MB course

Getting through a mindfulness-based intervention program is a challenge for many reasons.  We bring a lot of expectations that it will change our life in one way or another.  We hope that we will find an answer to the questions that plague us and brought us to the course.  We anticipate we will develop skills [...]

Pervasive awareness

Recently, there was an interchange on a mindfulness listserve about the appropriateness and/or usefulness of movement during meditation (rocking, swaying, etc.).  John Astin of the Baumann Institute offered this very important insight to practice: Apropos this whole discussion about rocking during meditation and what it might mean, I thought I would share the following...   Whether [...]

5 things to practice during a mindfulness course

Here are five things you may want to practice as you go through a Mindfulness-Based intervention (MBSR, MBCT, MB-anything): 1 - Practice!  Try your best to do the "homework".  We play around with the word, calling it "homework" may lead to feelings of being back in school.  So we call it "home practice", "gifts", "suggestions", [...]