Mindfulness-based Symptom Management (MBSM)

Due to licensure regulations, we can only provide these programs to residents of Ontario.
Thank you for understanding.


Mindfulness-based Symptom Management (M4-Core) is designed for individuals experiencing stress related to life events (relationships, work, family, depression, anxiety, loss, etc.). Over 8 weeks, each weekly session focuses on cultivating mindfulness skills through the following themes:

  • body awareness,
  • understanding our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world,
  • cultivating tolerance of distress, and
  • transforming reactivity into respons-ability.

In the MBSM program, you will learn

  • the fundamentals of mindfulness practices
  • how to become more aware of the mind-body connection
  • mindfulness-based stress awareness and coping skills
  • how the Five Skillful Habits can support your values and how to live in line with those values
  • self-care strategies that go together with mindfulness skills

General Information

The MBSM Program is offered over 8 weeks and 2.5 hours each week. The program may be offered as a group or individual process. There is an extended day of practice after the fourth session. Daily formal and informal practices help establish mindfulness skills and participants in all courses are provided with handouts at each session to assist them with home practices. All meditations are available for download from the OMC blog site or on the app Insight Timer.

The fees for the program are typically reimbursed by third-party, extended health care insurance as psychological services or psychological services provided under direct supervision by a registered psychologist. Various employers also have approved this program for use as personal training with fees paid by the organization; please discuss this possibility with your employer.

Military members (active and VAC) require referral through their MO or case manager. RCMP members must be referred through their HSO.

Sliding fee scale is available for participants who may not have access to insurance coverage.

For information about the 8-week MBSM, please contact us here.