A Complaint-Free World: The deepest practice of compassion

Stop complaining? No way. It's how we vent, share our pain, give voice to injustices! But is it? Recently, a dear colleague and friend got me into this practice of being complaint-free. It's a program started by Will Bowen who was encouraging his congregation to develop a new habit. It takes 21-days to form a [...]

5 Mindful Practices to Handle Anger

Recently, I had the privilege to exchange via email some thoughts on anger. My friend wrote on behalf of her friend and asked about ways to get unstuck from a repeating cycle of anger especially in a relationship. Later, I had the chance to also exchange thoughts with that person about our tendency to get [...]

Is Mindfulness the same as Buddhism?

There's been a lot of chatter on the internet these days about Mindfulness and Buddhism. In a nutshell, practitioners, writers, and philosophers of Buddhism have expressed concern about the potential misuse of Buddhist beliefs and concepts by mindfulness-based interventions or programs. There is much merit to these concerns although the discussions tend to become bogged [...]

The Practice of Equanimity in Knowing Ourselves

Equanimity as the base of knowing who we are* When we begin to practice we are usually seeking something. Some of us are drawn to practice because we want to be free of illness. We want reassurance that things will get better. We want to know what makes us the way we are. Ultimately our [...]

Myths of Mindfulness: Follow your bliss

There are a number of myths about the intent and practice of mindfulness. They tend to arise from the paradoxical nature of concepts and practice. On the one hand we teach that staying in the moment is important; yet we know we need to be forward-looking. In fact, the very reason we try the practice [...]

Mythbuster: What Mindfulness is Not

We're introducing a new series - Mindfulness Mythbusters - to go along with Tangled Thoughts and Frazzled Feelings.  Newcomers to the practice of mindfulness have many terrific questions about what is supposed to happen in practice and, in this series, we will try to address some of them - without giving away any secrets of [...]

Building your meditation from the ground up

Tangled thoughts and frazzled feelings Mindfulness begins with meditation.  Without a meditation practice, it's very difficult to stay present, meet the moment as it is, be compassionate, and connect with a nonjudgmental attitude.  Meditation is the training ground for all the other things we collectively call a mindfulness practice. For many months, I've watched the [...]