Relaxation – a practice red herring

When we start on the path of mindfulness, we have a natural desire to feel good.  In many cases, participants tell us that all they want is to feel "better."  "Better" is, of course, a relative term and it points to our wish to simply ease the pain we feel.  This is a good start! [...]

Book Review: Everything you wanted to know about meditations

Meditation: The complete guide by Patricia Monaghan and Eleanor G. Viereck (New World Library) is not just about meditation.  Monaghan & Viereck dedicate 43 chapters not only to a variety of meditation approaches but also organize them into their parent traditions.  It is a veritable who's who and how to of contemplative practices.  In a [...]

Living skillfully. Living well.

From Right Mindfulness: A guide to living skillfully© by Lynette Monteiro & Frank Musten Mindfulness as a word, a concept, and a practice permeates our awareness these days. We learn of ways to be mindful through meditation and intentional attention so that we can cope with the myriad challenges that arise, often unexpectedly, in our [...]

Practice – Two Months After

At the end of each 8-week course we remind the participants that diligence in maintaining their practice is very important.  We like to say, "The half-life of the skills you've acquired in this class is about 3 months."  It may be anecdotal but it does seem that way when we meet in our Alumni groups.  [...]

One Minute Mindfulness – a book of continuous practice

Donald Altman is a psychotherapist, a former Buddhist monk, and author of The Mindfulness Code.  Another book he wrote, Meal by Meal: 365 Daily Meditations for Finding Balance through Mindful Eating, could easily be a precursor to his current effort, One Minute Mindfulness.  Altman comes with impressive credentials and it does more than lend weight [...]

A Word by any other Name

The word "mindfulness" has become a main-stay in our vocabulary these days.  I hear it used every where and it takes on a very individualistic meaning.  The speaker could be referring to a course they took, a skill they learned, or it can even be a way of playing that one-up, one-down game of the [...]

Two articles that are a must-read

Here are two articles that are worthy of the read.  Maia Duerr's guide on how to meditate and a publication by Mark Lau and Andrea Grabovac on a Buddhist psychological model are two works that integrate ancient teachings with current frameworks of practice and theory. Liberated Life Guide on How to Meditate Maia Duerr of Liberated Life [...]