We are 10 Years Old!

Ten years ago, we (Frank Musten & Lynette Monteiro) were inspired by the development of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (see Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A new approach to preventing relapse by Zindel Segal, J. Mark Williams & John Teasdale; Guilford Press) and, after a brief correspondence with Dr. Segal, launched the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. It [...]

Taking the path from forgiveness to gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  It is a time to reflect on the wonderful people we have in our lives and the good things that have blessed this life.  In the language of practice, we "incline our hearts" towards the practice of gratitude.  This is a wonderful practice on the path of well-being.  And [...]

Lions and Tigers and Compassion. Oh my!

A Triad of Book Reviews: Understanding the “Yellow Brick Road” to Compassion Guest Author: Brittany Glynn, PhD(c) at University of Ottawa In the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, the central character Dorothy finds herself swept away by a cyclone and lost in the Land of Oz. With nothing but her small dog Toto, ruby-red slippers, [...]

New Book by Bob Stahl & Steve Flowers

We are excited to announce the publication of a new book by Bob Stahl & Steve Flowers! Another opportunity to practice mindfulness and self-compassion to liberate ourselves from old patterns of self-criticism and self-hatred.  Openning our hearts to kindness and self-care, we learn to treat ourselves as the precious being that we already are. Click [...]

Self-Compassion: three doors to changing your relationship with yourself

Kristin Neff’s work on self-compassion has been a major touchstone for many of us in the mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) field.  For years, her website has been a rich resource for information on self-compassion, updates on her research, and the on-going development of her self-compassion scale. Now, in her new book, Neff presents the details of [...]