Ides of March

It’s the Ides of March!  This date has a dark meaning for us because it refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar.  However, it is just a way of referring to the day itself – the 15th of March.  It’s only by association with a negative event in history that the date takes on such significance.

Are there times and places in your own history that have taken on negative tones because they have become associated with an event?

How would a mindful approach help disconnect the negative feeling tone from the date or place?

What strategies would help to remind you that it’s not the day or the place but the mental associations with them?

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  1. The event that comes to mind for me is visitng the tombstone which shares the names of both my mother and father. There is nothing like stand on top of the remains of these two pivotal player in my personal meta-drama that brings up some negative but also a whole lot of negative. Just the simple loss of them both to me of this world and its reminder of my own coming death can be a real downer, and also a measure of the extent that i have made my peace and can surrender to the joyful mystery of simply being where I am. Meditative practise daily and attempting to be sustain the meditative double awareness of in the world and not of it, is the best strategy I’ve found to remind me this is a mental association and not the day or the place.

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