Reflections and Intentions: how to re-view your year

Our colleague, Maia Deurr, whose work can be seen on The Liberated Life Project, has written a terrific blog post on how to reflect on our past year and meet the year to come.  No resolutions that are only going to shatter in the first few days, no promises to keep.  These are lyrical and nourishing activities we can engage in so that we can celebrate and cherish our life as it is.

Maia suggests following a Reflection and Intention building process that begins with a period of contemplation – meditation, yoga, any centering activity you use as a practice.  Then, she advises us to answer a series of questions that explore what has drawn us further into living fully.

For more details on how to do your year-end Reflections and Intentions visit The Liberated Life Project.

 Happy New Year!

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