Burn Out Resiliency Training Program – May 2011 start!

Announcing An Eight Week Burnout Resiliency Training Program for Engaged High Performers

We are currently accepting applications for the May 2011 Burnout Resiliency Training (BRT) Program offered by the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. This program is being offered in addition to our Mindfulness Based Symptom Management (MBSM) Program.  The BRT Program has been developed to meet the needs of the many applicants to our MBSM program who present with symptoms which include:

  • emotional and physical fatigue,
  • loss of interest in productive life
  • and, loss of confidence in abilities and skills.

These are the symptoms that have traditionally defined Burnout and have been consistently associated with exposure to prolonged work and/or personal stress.

The Burnout Resiliency Training Program will include the fundamental mindfulness skills that are taught in our successful Mindfulness Based Symptom Management program. But, in addition, the BRT Program will include skills for managing the stresses inherent in many modern careers where the pace of work is unrelenting and the tolerance for error is low. Examples include:

  • Health care professionals,
  • Military professionals,
  • Aid workers,
  • Emergency responders, and
  • The broad range of professionals who work in organizational environments where there is a requirement to produce high quality work within short time frames.  

The fee for the program includes all materials. In addition to eight weekly two-hour sessions, one full day will be devoted to practicing and consolidating the skills learned in the course. This “Day of Mindful Practice” is held on a Sunday after the fourth class and is included in the fees.

If accompanied by a physician’s referral a  portion of the fees are usually covered by third-party insurance. The class is limited to ten participants and applicants to the course will be considered on a first come basis.

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