Springing into a new future

Happenings at the OMC

The OMC began its Spring programming on May 4 with two MBI classes and another on May 6 focusing on burnout resiliency training.  The classes are at capacity but we managed to squeeze in a couple of extra folks who really, really wanted to join up for a life change.  How can you say, “No!”

This semester also folds in health care professionals taking our Training Practicuum in preparation for a training retreat in July 2011.  We particularly love it when professionals of all health care traditions join us with open hearts, willing to leap into this paradigm shift model of providing care.  We are also continuing with the 8-week program at the Royal Ottawa Hospital for frontline staff.  And while this last course is not a training to deliver an MBI program, we feel it has a huge impact on the community because we see changes in the way most health care professionals approach their patients after deepening their practice of self-care.

This semester also marks our third cycle of program assessment through various questionnaires which examine the effects of our approach to a Mindfulness-Based Intervention program on symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout, self-compassion, and spirituality.  And, with the Guidebook completed, we will be test-driving it with the help of three amazing health care professionals.

Books in the review stack

Our friend Bruno Cayoun’s new book Mindfulness-integrated CBT: Principles and Practice can be found at MiCBT Institute.  From the website:

Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or MiCBT is a sophisticated integration of skills developed with mindfulness training and principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). The Mindfulness-CBT integration represents the effort of authors and clinicians from multidisciplinary backgrounds whose dedication to the scientific inquiry, creativity, and openness has contributed to the current paradigm shift in psychotherapy…MORE>>>

Kristin Neff’s book Self-Compassion is also on the stack and we’re looking forward to bringing her wisdom to these blog pages – and of course to our practice and teachings!

All in all a fantastic way to greet the warmer and brighter days, opening up into caring for each other.

Happy Spring, Everyone!  And thank you for your continuing practice!

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