On the origins of my journey to recovery…

A powerful story of meeting depression with openness and courage.

The Men's D.E.N.

(Originally published in April 2013 at MensDepression.org.)Jean-François Claude, Founder, The Men's D.E.N.

In the late Spring of 2012, I went to see my General Practitioner (GP) after a nine-year hiatus. I was physically healthy throughout my thirties, and simply did not see a need for any kind of medical check-up.

What finally prompted me to make the call, and virtually beg my doctor’s office to take me back as a patient, was self-diagnosed professional burnout. I’d been burning the candle at both ends for so long, that I’d finally hit a wall after a string of 60 to 70 hour work weeks.  The BlackBerry was, for years, a permanent fixture in my hand, and unplugging, even for just a few hours, was to my mind not even a remote possibility and simply unfathomable.

Imagine my state of shock when my GP promptly informed me that “burnout” was not a medical condition and that in…

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