Mindfulness Training Program for Health Care Professionals – Ottawa & Toronto

2019 Teacher Training Workshops: Advanced Skills in Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Our Teacher Training Program (TTP) is being offered through the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies as a Mindfulness Meditation certificate program beginning in September 2019. The training modules can be attended either as a process for full training in Mindfulness-based Symptom Management (MBSM) or as single units for your professional needs.

The TTP is also available in Ottawa beginning with the first module in May 2019 (see below). To register please use the link at the end of the module descriptions.

Module 1
May 3
Navigating the Ethics In and Of MindfulnessPractical aspects of the ethics of & in mindfulness programs: implications for consent, outcomes & adverse effects; designing consent forms and framing reports (1 day)
Module 2
May 31
Buddhist Perspectives: Mindfulness as an Integrated Model of Philosophies and Practice

Introduction to mindfulness & psychotherapy: Buddhist roots of mindfulness concepts & implications for secular/clinical mindfulness-based psychotherapy (1 day)

Module 3
June 21 & 22
Core Intervention skills: Inquiry, invitation, and insight (2 days)
Module 4
July 12 & 13
Core Concepts of MBSM (elements of MBSM, BEST, 5-SH, meditations, practices) (2 days)
Module 5
July 26
Co-creating the ethical space of mindfulness

The “Spirit” of a mindfulness teacher (skills to be developed, i.e: facilitation, holding space, compassion, active listening, etc.) (1 day)

Module 6
CPA online ethics webinar

Training details in PDF: 2019 MBSM TTP Curriculum.

Cost of Ottawa sessions
$100 for the one-day and $150 for the two-day sessions.
Discount for current OMC Teachers: $75 for the one-day and $125 for the two-day sessions
HST (13%) is added to each training fee.

Cancellation fee 25% of the full fee if informed within 3 days of the event.

To register, please click HERE.
Or cut-and-paste this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2019TTPModules

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