COVID-19: Support for Your Safety and Ours

COVID-19 has changed our way of life in ways we never expected. Many – if not all – of our activities have been impacted leaving us feeling at a loss to find comfort and security in our usual ways of coping with stress. It is not unusual under these circumstances to feel anxious and concerned about our welfare and that of our loved ones.

Here at our clinic – whether you are meeting with our health care professionals individually at Sea Glass Psychological Services or have attended our groups at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic – we too are feeling the stress and concerns for our community and our ability to offer continuity of care.

To ensure our mutual safety, we began and continue to offer individual therapy sessions for our clients via secured video conferencing and phone contact. We closed out our February-March MBSM programs via video. It has been a challenge to shift from the warmth of meeting all of you in-person to virtual images and sound. (Out here in the rural areas of Ottawa, my internet is completely unreliable making me quite helpless at times!) May-June programming is uncertain at this time.

Recognize that feeling scared at this time will make us a bit impulsive in wanting to feel better.

Remember that we’ve all managed those momentary urges before by choosing healthy distractions, reaching out, and finding ways to engage in physical activity in our home.

Don’t forget meditation, yoga, tai chi are all ways to connect with healthy feelings, release stress, and reconnect with our capacity to meet this challenge.


We dearly want all of us to get through this, however long it takes. We can support each other in ways we never considered possible. This can only happen if we take great care with our choices in the coming weeks.

Please attend at the directions and guidance offered by the Ottawa Public Health and provincial health officials.

Wash Your Hands
It seems simple but so amazing that there is a very specific and important way to wash our hands! Here’s a handwashing fact sheet.

Physical Distancing
The COVID virus is transmitted by droplets and unknowingly being near someone who has the virus (but may not be symptomatic yet) can result in transmission. Physical distancing is one way to protect ourselves. Here’s how to do this! By the way, this is likely the most challenging practice because in times of stress we truly feel the need to be close to our loved ones and friends. See it as a sacrifice we make to ensure we have each other around for our lifetimes.

What does this mean? Here’s the Ottawa Public Health video to answer your questions. And their explanation:

Even if you do not have symptoms, YOU MUST self-isolate for 14 days if: 

  • You have travelled anywhere outside of Canada (including the United States of America).

  • You live with, provided care for, or spent extensive time with someone who has:

    • Tested positive for COVID-19, OR is suspected to have COVID-19, OR who has respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, or shortness of breath) that started within 14 days of travel outside of Canada.

This too can be a scary practice. We are social creatures and find solace and safety in community. Find ways to connect with your loved ones via various media (but limit the amount of news media!!!)

And here are provincial health guidelines for self-monitoring and self-isolating.

If you need to reach out for psychological support, you can contact these organizations:

Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region
Ottawa: 613-238-3311
Outaouais: 1-866-676-1080

Ottawa Academy of Psychology

At Sea Glass Psychological Services, we value your safety and that of our staff and colleagues. We will continue to offer our services in a safe and compassionate manner via virtual meetings. Clients will only be seen face to face if absolutely necessary. If you have any concerns, please consult with your psychologist or psychotherapist who will determine the advisability of a face to face meeting. You may be asked to complete a self-assessment form to ensure it is safe to meet face to face.

Thank you and please take care of yourselves and your community!




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