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It is an enormous pleasure to introduce our new Co-Directors and program leaders of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic.

We are very happy to announce that Tesia Bryski RP and Marie-AndréePapineau RP will be assuming the roles of Co-Director of Programming and Co-Director of Professional Training, respectively. Both Tesia and Marie-Andrée are dedicated and long-time practitioners of yoga and contemplative mindfulness, bringing the wisdom of these traditions to mindfulness as a clinical approach.

Sarah Good OT will be managing and facilitating the pain management segment of the OMC. Sarah is highly skilled in the nuances and practical approaches that have assisted many of our participants who want to learn how mindfulness practices can help with pain, trauma, and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Corien Peeters, Psychologist, will continue to facilitate programs and support the OMC in the role of consultant for any necessary psychological services.

Many of you are likely to have attended the Mindfulness-based Symptom Management (MBSM) programs facilitated by Tesia, Marie-Andrée, Sarah, and Corien; your program evaluations have spoken highly of their ability to connect with you. They are valued members of the OMC and have contributed significantly to the development of the MBSM program content and structure. As co-founders and directors of the OMC, we have been blessed with the generosity and wisdom of core our teaching team as it grew and developed over the last 17 years. It is also a deeply felt joy that it will continue under the direction of these amazing professionals and friends.

We are also incredibly grateful for Levene Wright, the OMC registrar and SGPS administrator, who has provided us with incredible support over the years and has made these transitions more than manageable. Levene will be leaving the OMC administration and will focus on the administration of our clinical and assessment section, Sea Glass Psychological Services.

As our programming resumes in January 2021, we hope you will join us in supporting them as strongly as you have since the inception of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic in 2003.

Lynette Monteiro, C.Psych.
R.Frank Musten, C.Psych.


  1. Congratulations to you all! Hope to see a new class for long term practice in Mindfulness or a refresher class to maintain a healthy practice in Mindfulness, just a thought! Lise Duguay

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