MBCT at 10 Years Old – onwards and upwards

Zindel Segal, co-founder of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), reflects on the future directions of MBCT as it approaches its tenth anniversary. With the establishment of reliable outcome data for the efficacy of MBCT treatment, we now need to look at the actual way in which MBCT effects these positive changes. Clarifying mechanisms of action is [...]

Standing Up To Burn Out

Our inaugural course for burn out has yielded a treasure trove of information.  Ten participants took part in the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Burn Out Resiliency Program from May to June.  All ten participants completed the course and reported that it had changed their perspectives on how to manage the work-personal life dimensions more effectively.  Measures of [...]

The critical role of ethics as process in an MB program – a gentle critique of Grabovac, Lau and Willet’s article

A recent article, Mechanisms of Mindfulness: a Buddhist Psychological Model by Grabovac, Lau and Willett in Mindfulness attempted to re-insert Buddhist Psychology into the foundations of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Grabovac and her colleagues did a good job of putting the Three Dharma Seals (impermanence, suffering and nonself) into the service of explaining the mechanisms involved in mindfulness-based interventions. [...]

Two articles that are a must-read

Here are two articles that are worthy of the read.  Maia Duerr's guide on how to meditate and a publication by Mark Lau and Andrea Grabovac on a Buddhist psychological model are two works that integrate ancient teachings with current frameworks of practice and theory. Liberated Life Guide on How to Meditate Maia Duerr of Liberated Life [...]

Mindfulness Meditation and Mental Health – news article on CBC’s The Journal

Zindel Segal discussing his recent research results from the recent MBCT study. Great comments by a practitioner, Suzanne Simoni, who has a very realistic appraisal of what mindfulness does.