New courses at the OMC

We are thrilled to announce three new courses scheduled on the OMC roster. Managing Chronic Illness Discovering our lives may be limited because of a chronic illness can be difficult to accept.  Emotionally and psychologically, this is a challenge in a world that values productivity and performance.  Often, we spend time trying to push past [...]

Mindful Re-Awakening by Deborah Boldt

The journey to becoming a mindfulness-informed therapist and program leader is a powerful process of opening to who we really are, to the truth of the whole fabric of our life.  At the OMC, we are blessed with professionals who are committed to this path of growing into the fullness of their potential as companions [...]

Teacher Training Graduates 2011

We are thrilled to present the Professional Training Program graduating class of 2011.  An exciting mix of health care professionals coming from across the Ottawa-Valley community.  Our newest teacher/facilitators of Mindfulness-Based Interventions are psychologists, social workers, clinical counsellors, coaches, addictions counsellors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  They committed to participating in the 8-week program as participant-observers, [...]

Mindfulness in Psychotherapy – bringing mindfulness practice into the therapeutic relationship

Our colleagues at the University of California San Diego Center of Mindfulness have got their eye on the ball!  Well, perhaps it's not just their eye but their entire being given they are now offering a retreat in Mindfulness in Psychotherapy for clinicians.  Set in the beautiful Joshua Tree Center - and I say that as [...]