Resiliency & Resourcing

Laurie Leitch and Elaine Miller-Karas, founders of the Trauma Resource Institute, make a point of bringing awareness to and practicing enhancement of our inner and outer resources.  These are the qualities in ourselves and the people in our lives who sustain us, getting us through the tough times.

Make a list of your inner resources.  Qualities like strength, courage, perseverance, and so on.

Make a list of your external resources.  Your friend, parents, partner, sibling and so on.  It may also be a community like a meditation group or faith community.

Notice what happens in your body when you think of these resources or even when you read them over.

Enhance the resource by becoming aware of the details of the resource.  For example, if your resource is being in the outdoors, recall all aspects of the activity, the sights, sounds, colour, scent, and touch of being outdoors.  Notice what happens in your body when you enhance a resource.

Keep the lists handy.  Review them often and notice what sensations arise in your body when bring awareness to them and enhance them.

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  1. When I think of this, it comes to mind (body) the sense of purposeful magnitism I have felt in the poetry/short story writing process. Not sure why I ever gave it up other than having gotten preoccupied wiht more seemingly important things.

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