International Conference on Mindfulness with Youth in Banff AB – July 15-17, 2011

From the Mindfulness Institute website:

Mindfulness is a natural part of being human that involves present moment awareness and can be cultivated through formal and informal mindfulness exercises.  Scientific research in this field demonstrates a multitude of positive outcomes in academic, psychological, and physical domains. Effects of mindfulness on the prefrontal cortex and interconnections involved in attention, working memory, emotional and behavioral regulation are of particular relevance to  academic,  psychological and social well-being and the success of youth today.

Given modern day stressors at no other time in history have our youth been in such a need of these important tools and practices that mindfulness can provide.

Join leaders in this emerging field in the spectacular setting of Banff National Park as we explore and discuss the practice, application, and teachings of mindfulness to youth across a variety of settings, and — fundamental to this practice – develop and deepen our own relationship with mindful awareness and practice.

For questions or for more information contact us by email at or via phone at 1 (780) 919-0693

Speakers Include:

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